Being an Ambassador


am•bas•sa•dor nouna person who actsas a representative orpromoter of a specifiedactivity.synonyms : campaigner,representative, promoter,champion, supporter,backer, booster.

Our region’s economyis deeply impactedby travel, tourism andpeople moving to ourarea. Each of us hasmany opportunitiesto be a Lake CountryAmbassador.According to theLake Gaston RegionalChamber of Commercewebsite, “Lake Gastonactivities abound foreveryone; both youngand old discover a pleasure-perfectparadise forvacation or year roundliving. Lake Gastonbusinesses provide forthe needs of a waterfrontcommunity and beyondwith quality products andservices. Recreational,cultural and educationalopportunities are available.With easy accessto the interstates, youcan enjoy the laid-backLake Gaston lifestylewith just a short drive toaccess all the benefits ofurban living.” This is the messagethat the LGRCC wantsto get out into the public.The same goes for theLake Country RegionalChamber of Commerceas well as the rest ofChambers and businessin our area.Let me take a momentto discuss how just onesecond home buyer canimpact out economy.Initially the buyers willmake one or more tripsto our area, they willpurchase gas, food andin some cases, lodging.The realtor who showsthem property will alsopurchase gas, maintainhis vehicle and spendmoney with local advertisers.Once the homeis purchased the realtor,a local attorney, inspectorsand repair peoplewill all earn fees. Ournew neighbor may purchasefurniture, landscapingservices, gas,groceries, restaurantvisits, watercraft, roundsof golf, clothing and amyriad of other services.All of these services areprovided by our neighbors.Our neighbors inreturn will purchase thesame services. All of theservice providers willin turn purchase all ofthese same services inthe community.So I am sure at thispoint you are asking,“How can I help, what ismy part?” I am certainlyglad you asked. Step oneis know our area. Whensomeone suggests thatthere is nothing to do orasks what is there to do,help them out. Suggest arestaurant, a local museumand great view or acool antique store. Pointout the many incrediblefestivals we havein the area. Mentionthe Rosemont Wineryin Blackridge, tell themabout the arts festivalsthey sponsor. Let themknow about the Amazingnew European trainedChef at the WatersViewin Littleton. Point outthe amazing State Parksat Buggs Island Lakeor the scuba diving atLake Phoenix. Don’tforget the Rails to TrailTobacco Heritage TrailSystem. The other thing weall can do is to continuethe welcoming attitudeof Lake Country. OurCommunity is certainlythe friendliest placethat I have lived. Thereare no strangers here.Everyone pitches in tohelp a stranger as if theywere a friend. In fact, Iinitially became a realtorso that I would nothave to leave when Iretired from the restaurantindustry after 25years. When you takethe time to say hello,greet our visitors givethem a smile with theirchange, or help themfind a church to visit.Each of you has alreadybecome an ambassadorfor Lake Country.Tell others about LakeCountry. What if yourshare on Facebook,retweet on Twitter, ordouble-tap on Instagrambrought one more visitorto the lakes or helpedsell one more house orsent one more family toa local business? Bydonating a small portionof your weeklysocial media time to ourregion, you’ll be helpingus promote and grow oureconomy.We are all fortunateenough to live in one ofthe best places on theEast Coast. Our splendidmild climate, low cost ofliving and our local naturalbeauty is only builtupon by the wonderfulpeople who live here.So if you have been hereall of your life or justrecently joined us, tella friend and be all theAmbassador you can be.